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Help us change lives with your amazing products
Caregivers do a lot to make others happy, but their own needs often take a backseat. For them, finding a company that offers the right products isn’t easy. However, if we work together, it won’t have to be that way! We know that you want to help caregivers in their selfless journey. Thus, we connect you with our exceptional caregivers so you can grow your client base.

Become a Smart Caregiver Solution Partner Today

  • We strive to connect CAREGIVERS WITH PRODUCTS / SERVICE providers across the globe. When you partner with us, we push your business in front of caregivers who need your assistance.
  • We have purposefully kept the prices reasonable for companies of ANY size to partner with us on a monthly basis because we want as many companies as possible to be helping all our caregivers WORLDWIDE!
  • Call for more information – 888-462-4817

How we will be growing your business and helping more caregivers

  • News and radio media
  • Monthly webinars featuring sponsored companies to get them in front of our growing audience of caregivers on our YouTube channel.
  • Monthly newsletter featuring different companies and what they do.
  • Starting in 2022, we plan to have at least 2 conventions in different parts of the country where vendors can advertise their products/services and meet face to face with their client caregivers.
  • We are building our app to allow even easier access for caregivers to learn about our services and the partners that help us.
  • Various marketing through social media and networking to keep growing and expanding so we can help as many caregivers as possible WORLDWIDE!
  • We so strongly believe that your products/services are needed and that there are so many caregivers who do not know about what you do, that here is our guarantee to you – when you sign up for a Gold/Silver plan – it will be for a 6-month contract. If you do not feel after the first 6 months that you are getting a good response, you can cancel with no obligation.
And of course, all solution partners will be in our membership directory and become an integral part of the solutions that our team will be connecting to care givers.
We are also offering premium and strategic partnerships to key providers to optimize promotion of select partners. Please contact us to learn even more.


$150 / mo

  • Get your company listed in our directory and turn our caregivers into your loyal customers. You can view all the clicks to your website through your website analytics and see your company's business grow!


$250 / mo

  • Get access to everything included in the Silver plan and MORE! As a gold member, we promote your company to our caregivers on our website and through our monthly webinars to increase your reach WORLDWIDE!