Our Team

Who we are and why we are committed…

We know that caregiving is just as challenging as it is selfless. Many of the members of the Smart Care Giving team are home care providers as well as working moms and dads. We know that being there for someone in senior care can be challenging. Providing for a family member with any number of physical limitations is often exhausting and trying. People rely on you for everything, and you have a strong love and commitment for those that we care for. Naturally, when health takes a turn, you are left with more work on your hands and the added stress of watching them deal with their illness.
Traci Lamb, our founder, has more than 15 years of experience working with caregivers. Professionally she has worked with many care givers every day to help them deal with the many challenges that they confront. Today she is a caregiver herself as she provides comfort and assistance to both of her parents. And she has determined to aid other caregivers just like you. Both she, and her team, understand what you are dealing with.

Traci L. Lamb

CEO/Founder of Smart Caregiving

Ana Martinez

Administrative Assistant

Sharon Butler

Executive Vice-President of Operations

Susana Perez

Director of International Affairs

Kelly Blessing

Director of Client Relations

Alex Perez

Director of Video/Editing

Rebecca Henthorne

Director of Graphic Design